January AF

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I am doing a thing. For the month of January I have created a private facebook group that is focused motivating people to let go of the thing that is holding them back. For me that thing was drinking. For the entire month I will post inspiration, ideas, and motivation. I will answer questions and be a friend to guide along as people get ideas that might help them want to step away from bad habits. Is that for you? If so, join January AF (free) for a month long of fun!

What Jan AF is NOT:

Not a treatment program.

Not a recovery program.

Not a New Years Resolution-We know for a fact that those fail.

Not a Challenge-I don’t really like the word challenge. Why? Well, because I quickly categorize it as “challenging” and that makes me want to quit.

Not a month of deprivation, sacrifice, giving up.

Not only about alcohol. Feel free to replace the word alcohol/drinking with anything that might be holding you back (spending, caffeine, bad food, apathy, gossip, etc.).

Now, for Jan AF IS:

It's a rest for your body, mind, and soul from the wear alcohol (sugar, caffeine, gossip) takes on all three.

It’s a time for finding things you like to do. Drinking is not the only thing that is fun but somewhere along the demands of adulthood you have come to believe that in order to have fun you must drink. Fun is everywhere so let’s go and find it.

It’s a chance to become enlightened. When you do something different you grow. Have you ever heard people complaining about that amazing adventure they took that changed their lives…….No. Never.

It’s a time to let go and be open. If you are like me you might justify your decisions constantly. That’s exhausting. You don’t have to label this, or make a plan about it, or start obsessing to the point of torment. Just be in the moment and be open. Less thinking more doing.

Does this sound like something you might be into? Yes? Ok, good.

Here’s how it works. Join our private facebook group here. Watch videos, read posts, and be inspired by others doing this thing with you. Hopefully you will develop some new habits, make some new friends, and be inspired to live your best life.

Too simple? I have spent my entire adult life complicating things. But what I learned after reading The Naked Mind is that all I really needed was a mind shift. More perspective helped me tremendously and the more I learn the more I grow. I want to pass along some of the very simple things that had never once occurred to me.