Why Young Living?

What do essential oils and living alcohol free have in common? For you? Probably not very much. But for me…a lot. Drinking really wasn’t about drinking. It was about anxiety. But traditional methods for treating my anxiety just didn’t fit very well into my lifestyle.

So using, learning, and sharing about oils became a huge support to me. Instead of reaching for the bottle of wine I reached for my little bottles of happiness. Instead of mixing up a cocktail I mixed up the perfect diffuser blend to boost my mood and support my emotional needs. Before I knew it I was using oils all day everyday and they were really having a big impact on my emotional health.

They were also a really fun new thing for me to focus on. That helped me move away from my old habits.

Oils and the oils community led me to path of overall wellness that I can’t imagine living without. I can’t talk about my journey without mentioning oils because-for me-they go hand in hand.

Interested in learning more? Reach out!! I could talk oils all day long.

The Premium Starter Kit includes:

  • A diffuser of choice

  • 13 amazing oils

  • A package of cleaner

  • Ningxia Red

  • A resource guide

  • Access to private groups and resources

  • A free gift from me