The Tempest

Holly Whitikar is going to change the world!   She is fierce in fighting this battle against alcohol.  Her brand new website has resources galore to learn about addiction and find the help you need.

The Minimalists

I have followed these great guys for years. They help remind me that so much of my anxiety is wrapped up in too much stuff (both literally and figuratively). If my home is tidy, my thoughts are tidy, and life is tidy. I feel free and so much less anxious.

Rise and Rise Together podcasts by Rachel Hollis

Really motivating and free life coaching! They also do an awesome livestream daily from Rachel’s instagram. Just like her and it will come up in stories.

This podcast is mostly about real estate (which is my real job when I am not oiling or speaking or writing here). However, it applies because it is story after story of people who just go for it. They leave whatever life they thought they wanted and go after a new one and better one. They are very motivating!

Bigger Pockets Podcast